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Using the MED-SEG™ System allows physicians and healthcare practitioners to take any unmanipulated medical image and segment it to 'see' features in the image that were not previously visible to the naked eye. The MED-SEG™ can take any medical digital image from a capturing device e.g. MRI, CT scan, Mammogram, X-ray, machine etc. and is able to extract data using BMI's proprietary software on the entire image or on a region of intrest.

When powered with BMI's BTMS 1000- HPC cluster, it provides a rapid, sensitive, specific, and precise analysis since each image pixel is treated seperatly. The result is an accurate graphical representaion of the imagery data with fine resolution of detail and minimal distortion, displayed on Eizo medical grade FDA cleared panels.

Unlike other image analysis devices, BMI MED-SEG™ does not manipulate the image, so what the user sees is truly what is there, providing truer images than many other imaging techiques. It has a cloud-based interface on a secure Linux platform with an incredibly fast Re-gen time and full color printer capabilities. In addition the MED-SEG™ meets the DICOM and HL7 compliance.





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